Hardship to Hard Cash

While every deal is special in it’s own way, one of our latest deals was a real standout. I got a phone call from a client that was in a pretty tough spot. She was facing foreclosure on her cute little bungalow in West Seattle and needed to discuss her options. Luckily, I have a very extensive background working with cases of foreclosure and knew just how to navigate these tricky waters. We decided that we would list the house and do our best to get it sold before she could be foreclosed on.

This sounded like a fairly straightforward process, albeit a tight time frame, and certainly nothing I wasn’t used to. After all, time is of the essence in nearly every facet of this business! But when I arrived to walk through the property, it was immediately clear that this wouldn’t be a typical deal. The bungalow had loads of potential, but it also needed a lot of love and TLC. Without a fair bit of work, the house wouldn’t achieve its full equity potential and the homeowner would be leaving cash on the table when it came time to sell.

Luckily there was an obvious solution. After an honest discussion about the state of the property, the homeowner decided to team up with Supernova Real Estate’s partner company, Supernova Properties. Supernova Properties helped out with some of the upfront costs of rehabbing the property so that the offers rolling in come listing time would be buyers’ highest and best. Thus began a 2-month long journey of preparing the bungalow to truly shine.

By the time the work finished, it was obvious that we had done a knockout job. This little bungalow had gone from charming but rough to a real showpiece property with beautiful views and top-notch finishes that buyers were going to love. By being in the position to connect the client with the resources she needed, we had a phenomenally successful deal. Once the house hit the market, it received massive attention, became a Redfin “HOT Home”, and we received multiple offers. In the end, the client ended up accepting an offer that met her tough timeline and was just shy of 50K over asking price.  The buyers got a beautiful new home in a quickly-appreciating area, and our client walked away from a stressful, burdensome situation with more money in her pocket than she had ever dreamed possible. We get the satisfaction of knowing that we were there for our client in a big way and provided above-and-beyond service, and everyone ended up happy in the end. Win, Win, Win!

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