Hardship to Hard Cash

While every deal is special in it’s own way, one of our latest deals was a real standout. I got a phone call from a client that was in a pretty tough spot. She was facing foreclosure on her cute little bungalow in West Seattle and needed to discuss her options. Luckily, I have a […]

Late Night Phone Calls

Last night I picked up the phone around 10, because I am a workaholic. I started listening to a distressed voice tell me a story about how she is trying to save her Mom’s house from foreclosure. She told me there was a house fire, and insurance issues, now the house is in foreclosure, and […]

Cooling before the Storm.

We are starting to see a cooling in the market, why? I believe because the cash buyer pool is only so big, and spec builders have been building homes that out pace the income of the buying market. Yes, we have a prosperous buyers market, but after that 900k mark, the pool of buyers shrinks […]